Child Cousins

Child Cousins is a poem of cousins meeting once again and sharing memories of growing up.


Child Cousins


Former child cousins meet

again at a wedding. Younger cousin

has been married for four years.

Older cousin has been dating

the one for eight months. They were childhood

playmates. They bounced on the trampoline.

They swam in the pool. Older cousin

was jealous of the family younger cousin

had. He never knew the facts

of his own family. But

there was a legitimate lack

A Litany for Children

Some words for comfort on the sad occasion of a lost child. This Poem is called A Litany for Children and will make hopefully make your occasion that little bit more special.


A Litany for Children

To a child the world is a playground

A child can only learn what we teach them

To share

To care

And not to stare

To learn from their mistakes

To make the best mistakes possible

Not to hurt one another

To give of themselves to others

To rise above criticism

Ember – A funeral Poem

Looking for the words for that Funeral occasion? Here is some new work by Azriel Johnson.


a ghazal

What once was a fire is now a burnt out ember.

The ash has cooled, but we all remember the ember.


I remember the last days we spent together

the feasts we had in November.


I remember where we were the day the world

stood still in the beginning of September.


Your name lingers in my heart

like a once scorching branch now burned to an ember.


Finding the right words for a funeral can be challenging. Here is a new poem by Author Azriel Johnson.



Our hands

Retains none of

The most important parts of



Waning strength is

Only one aspect of death


That youth only fades

Helps us reconciles.


When you bring

On the idea of wisdom

Reconciliation becomes

The most difficult part of the trip


Azriel Johnson 2012

A Life

Finding the words to say at a funeral can be challenging. Here is A life a poem for any funeral.


living               a purpose

given to the act of acting        the day to day

existence we sometimes dread

to awake to     but this is a gift


celebrate          your reason

is the best defense against melancholy           cherish the chance

you roll off the wrong side

of the bed        this gift is present


dying               is not the end

rather it is a chance to renew              the living

She is Gone

Planning what to say at a funeral can be a hard task and here is another of my favourite funeral poems. It is called she is gone and will make the funeral that little bit more special.

Also feel free to browse our website for other fantastic poems for funerals.

You can shed tears that she is gone
or you can smile because she has lived.

You can close your eyes and pray that she’ll come back
or you can open your eyes and see all she’s left.